Sewing instruction for all levels of experience

19 Jun

Welcome to my blog spot on the web! I’m relatively new to this, so bear with me as I build up the blog.

I am in north central Texas and offer sewing instruction to all ages and all levels of experience.  If you are at any of the following stages of sewing proficiency and want to increase your skills, please contact me for pricing, location and schedule by sending me an email at li10upnlaff(at)live(dot)com. Individual and group classes are available.

  • Complete Beginner = I have never even looked at a sewing machine and wouldn’t know where to start.  I have a sewing machine and have always meant to use it. I want to learn because I have great clothing, costume or craft ideas. I would like to learn how to shop for a project and put it together so it doesn’t look like my dog chewed on it.
  • Novice = I have used a sewing machine and ended up with a mess. I can thread the machine and sew a straight line. I need to learn how to use a pattern. I need to know how to shop for sewing – this is indeed a sewing skill too, although being a novice you may not know it!
  • Advanced Beginner = I took home-economics or sewing classes and have all the basics down. I want to do project items for myself, my family, my home, friends, co-workers, gifts, etc. and have picked up some cute fabrics for these projects.
  • Competent = I sew a lot, easy things are a snap and when I start a more difficult project, I can finish it. I would like to conquer that “Vogue” pattern.  I am ready to adapt ready-made patterns to include my personal sense of style through embellishments or tailoring skills. I want to learn some basic pattern-making skills. I have special fabric pieces specifically for those awesome designer patterns in a box somewhere.
  • Proficient = I have conquered complicated designer patterns and I want to make my own through flat pattern or draping methods. I would like to copy my favorite piece of clothing because there aren’t any read-made patterns close enough in design, it’s no longer sold in stores, it has holes or I’ve worn it for so long it has turned into voile. I have lots of neat pieces of fabric on some shelves in my sewing room I would like to use for new projects.
  •  Expert = I know lots n lots n lots of stuff but am always expanding my skills and abilities because I need to start using the awesome fabrics I’ve collected through the years… (i.e. The fabric store in my closet needs to be put to good use.)



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